Presenters' Comments

“…(Your) performance was astounding and our audience, who had little prior knowledge of your ensemble, was completely captivated…On another note, my staff and volunteers were struck by the ease with which all logistical arrangements were made and carried off. In the midst of a potentially difficult situation, you were flexible and adaptable to the solutions we were able to provide. Your good will about the entire experience helped motivate everyone to work extra hard. The result was a great success on stage.”

– Gus Denhard, Executive Director
Early Music Guild, Seattle, WA

“Your stage presence was elegant and manner, enthusiastic. As the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette music critic wrote, ‘The women’s enthusiasm for the music was contagious.’ The vigorous applause you received certainly attested to that. You are extremely gifted musicians individually and together present a focused thoughtful and dynamic performance.”

– Ann F. Mason, Executive Director
Renaissance & Baroque Society of Pittsburgh

“Our Music in the Park audience responded enthusiastically to your vivacious and fresh stage presence. Belladonna injects new life into old music.”

– Julia Himmelstrup, Artistic Director
Music in the Park, St. Paul, MN